Nixon Trucking School

Educational Program Title:
California Commercial Driver License

Educational Program Description:

LECTURE (Section 1)
Orientation of School procedures and introduction to the Trucking Industry 1 hrs
Commercial Driver Licensing Course (CDL) 2 hrs
Hours of Service – Log Book Training 1 hrs
Rules and Regulations (DOT) 2 hrs
YARD SKILLS (Section 2)
Pre-trip Inspection 2 hrs
Air Brakes 1 hrs
Couple and uncouple 1 hrs
Forward Stop – Straight Line Backing – Right Turn – Alley Docking 3 hrs
Parallel Parking 2 hrs
Basic Control – Traffic Laws – Space Management 5 hrs
Vehicle Communication – Visual Search – Defensive Driving
5 hrs

Educational Program Cost: $2,500
Our institution is not approved to offer Federal Finance Assistance on behalf of our students.

Educational Program Diploma/Certificate/Degree:
Our institution does NOT award Diploma/Certificate/Degree.
After completion of training, you will be tested by a DMV Examiner.
The California DMV will issue a Commercial Driver License upon succesful passing the test.

1.- $65 D.O.T. Physical Exam and Drug Test
2.- $78 D.M.V. Fee
1.- 18 or older
2.- Have a valid SSN
3.- Proof of Legal presence
4.- Pass D.O.T. Physical Exam